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Introduction to Usage

Aria Systems Academy Course Abstract
42minutes / Elearning / Aria Billing Cloud

The objective of this course is to examine usage-based services, and general usage concepts. By the end of this course, you will understand key concepts related to usage and usage billing: how usage is rated; Aria’s pricing rules; advanced usage options; configuration options; and loading usage into Aria.

Who Should Take This Course
  • Product managers who create a product catalog within Aria

Usage Concepts

9 minutes

  • Definition of usage-based services?
  • Requirements for billing usage.
  • Loading usage into Aria
  • Creating usage types

Usage Pricing

8 minutes

  • Pricing options for rating and billing usage
  • Using Usage “High-Water Indicator” to rate and bill for usage
  • Using “Usage-Tier Multiplier” to rate and bill for usage

Important Usage Settings

8 minutes

  • Configuring Aria to rate usage in real-time
  • Configuring Aria to backdate usagerating

Loading Usage

17 minutes

  • Choices for loading usage into Aria
  • Universal Activity Loader (UAL) explained
  • Using Aria APIs to load usage
  • Using Aria’s record_usage_m API to load usage

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