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Day-To-Day Aria Administration

Aria Systems Academy Course Abstract
32 minutes / Elearning / Aria Billing Cloud

The objective of this course is to propose a definition of the Aria Administrator role, and describe the tools available to help maintain an Aria instance. At the end of this course, you will understand the tools that Aria provides to monitor an Aria instance and accommodate business users as appropriate.

Overview of Administrator Role

5 minutes

  • What does an Aria Administrator do?
  • What are the tools that Aria provides to help an Aria Administrator maintain day-to-day Aria operations?

Audit Logs

15 minutes

  • Which audit logs are available within the Aria UI?
  • How do you run queries to mine data from the audit logs?
  • How can data from the audit logs be used to troubleshoot issues?

Reports For Day-To-Day Administration

7 minutes

  • How do you schedule reports in Aria?
  • What are some typical out-of-the-box reports that are useful for administering an Aria instance?

Leveraging Aria Security To Accommodate Business Users

5 minutes

  • How do you create roles within Aria with refined, business-driven views?
  • What does a role-refined view of Aria look like?

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