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Aria Billing Cloud Non-Subscription Offerings

Aria Systems Academy Course Abstract
27 minutes/ Elearning / Aria Billing Cloud

The objective of this course is to present an overview of Non-Subscription Offerings (NSOs), also known as “inventory items. ”At the end of this course, you will understand how to create an NSO; how NSOs can be associated with plans; options for system behavior when placing orders; and how Non-Subscription Offering Classes can be used to create a hierarchy of inventory items that can be leveraged within a User Self-Service application.

Creating a Non-Subscription Offering

8 minutes

  • What is a Non-Subscription Offering?
  • How do you create an NSO?
  • What are the available configuration options?

Non-Subscription Offerings and Plans

8 minutes

  • How do you associate an NSO with a plan?
  • How can you offer special pricing for NSOs packaged with plans?

Orders and Billing Behavior

7 minutes

  • What are Aria’s configuration options for orders?
  • How do you create orders within the Aria UI?

Non-Subscription Offering Classes

4 minutes

  • What is a Non-Subscription Offering Class?
  • How do you create an NSO Class?
  • How do you associate an NSO Class with an NSO?
  • How can NSO Classes be used in User Self-Service applications?

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