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Aria Billing Cloud: Introduction to Payments

Aria Systems Academy Course Abstract
37 minutes / Elearning / Aria Billing Cloud

The objective of the course is to introduce the major concepts related to accepting payments on Aria Billing Cloud. At the end of this course, you will understand the difference between electronic and external payments; the role that a payment gateway/payment processor plays in processing payments; and how to configure an Aria Billing Cloud instance to immediately begin testing the flow of payments in your staging instance.

Who Should Complete This Course?

  • Finance managers who will configure Aria’s payment and collection features
  • Developers charged with creating customer account registration applications that will integrate with Aria

Payment Gateways Primer

6 minutes

  • Electronic vs. external payment methods
  • Definition of payment gateway/payment processor and relationship to payment methods
  • Flow of an electronic payment

Configuring Aria for Electronic Payment Testing

14 minutes

  • How to configure pass test and fail test payment gateways
  • How to configure collection account groups for pass and fail tests
  • How to configure an electronic payment method
  • How to assign a collection group to new account using create_acct_complete_m

Configuring Payment Terms

11 minutes

  • How to configure Payment Terms
  • How to assign Payment Terms to new account using create_acct_complete_m

Recording One-Time and External Payments

6 minutes

  • How to record a one-time payment
  • How to record an external payment

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