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Create Product Fields


Product fields allow you to capture additional information about your plans, services, non-subscription offerings, and usage types. In addition, you can create product fields to help categorize or customize plans based on specific criteria, such as account holder locale or account holder language.

Creating a Product Field

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Product Fields

  1. Click New.
    The Create New Product Field screen loads.

Note: The Translations link enables defining a translation for the field for an associated locale. Refer to Multi-language Translation for Product Elements for more information.


  1. In the Field Name field, enter a descriptive name for the field.

Note: If a product field is in use, you cannot change its field name.

  1. In the Description field, enter an explanation of the information that will be stored in the field.
  2. From the Input Type drop-down, select the method by which the field operates.
    For instance, if the product field that you are creating requires the user to enter information to complete the field, you may want to select the Text or Textarea option.
  • Checkbox: Allows you to select one or more items from a group of displayed choices.
  • Radio: Allows you to select one item from a group of displayed choices.
  • Select: Allows you to select one item from a list.
  • Text: Allows you to enter text in multiple, separate fields.
  • Textarea: Allows you to enter a single block of text in one field.
  1. If the input type is Text, select the type of information that can be entered in the field from the Data Type drop-down:
  • Date: Allows users to enter a date in the field.
  • Number: Allows users to enter a number(s) in the field.
  • String: Allows users to enter a combination of dates, number, and/or special characters in the field.
  1. In the Minimum Number of Selections field, enter the minimum number of entries that must be made in the field.
  2. In the Maximum Number Selections Allowed field, enter the maximum number of entries that can be made in the field.

Note: Minimum and maximum selection applies only to the Text, Select, and Checkbox presentation modes.

  1. Click the Allowed Values tab.

Note: The Allowed Values tab only appears if the field's presentation mode is Select, Radio, or Checkbox.


  1. If you are creating a new product field, click Add Value to add choices that users can select. If you are editing a field that is not in use, you can add, edit, or remove values.
  2. Enter each value that users can select when they fill in this field. Click the red "x" to delete a value.
  3. Click the Object Types tab.
    The object types with which the product field can be associated—Plan, Inventory Item (non-subscription offering), Service Code, and Usage Type—display with Required and Active drop-down fields for each type.
  4. From the Required drop-down, select Yes or No to specify whether this field must be completed when users add or edit the selected object type(s).
  5. From the Active drop-down, select Yes or No to specify whether the product field is displayed on the screens for the selected object type(s).
  6. From the Plan Instance drop-down, select an option to determine whether the product field is saved on the plan instance or whether it is set in the product catalog and applies to all instances of that plan with the same value across any accounts to which the plan is assigned.
    Available options include:
  • For a plan in the product catalog
  • For a specific instance of a plan assigned to an account
  • For a specific 'unit' of a plan instance assigned to an account (Can only be enabled by contacting Customer Support.)
  1. If you want these fields to display on statements, check the Display on Statements? box for the corresponding object type.

Note: Selecting this option mandates selecting an associated Field Number.

  1. Select the Field Numbers that correspond to the fields used on your statement templates.

Note: You must add the field to the statement template for it to display on a statement.

  1. Click Save.

The new or updated product field is available for you to associate with the product type(s) that you specified.

You can edit a product field at any time by clicking that product field.

The product field information displays on a new screen.


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