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Taxation Overview


If you plan to charge taxes to your customers for any of your services, you must configure at least one tax service group. Aria allows you to charge taxes using the Aria Internal Tax Engine, any of Aria’s several external tax engines, or a combination of two or more of these existing tax engines.

Aria’s internal tax engine supports taxation at the State/Federal and Province/National levels. If you need more robust taxation parameters (i.e. city, municipal, etc.), you must use one of Aria’s external, third-party tax services, described in the section below.

Note: When using Aria’s internal tax engine, tax service groups are used for back-end mapping purposes only.

Third-Party Tax Engines

General Process Overview

Aria sends the services to be billed to your external tax service, and the external tax service returns the tax per line item. The invoice, including the calculated tax, is then generated in Aria. During the overnight batch process, Aria executes a Tax Post batch job responsible for reporting tax amounts back to the external tax service. After your scheduled Tax Post batch job, the generated invoices are sent to the third-party tax engine.  

In the case of refunds and write-offs, the Tax Post batch job includes the updated transaction information. Note that the information sent via the Tax Post batch job does not include whether the invoice was paid, only that the invoice was generated, and if applicable, refunds or write-offs occurred.  

When using a supported third-party tax engine, tax service groups are used to configure different values to be sent to your external tax engine, based on parameter requirements provided to you by your tax service provider.

For example, the third-party tax engine Avalara requires an “account number” parameter. You can configure taxes related to Tax Service Group A to call out to the Avalara tax engine using a value of “1234;” and taxes related to Tax Service Group B to call out to the Avalara tax engine using a value of “5678”.

Supported Third-Party Tax Engines

Aria currently supports the following tax service providers:

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