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Run a Report


You can run a report on demand by following the steps below.

Running a Report

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > ReportsRun Reports.

  1. Click the plus sign next to the report catalog folder containing the report that you want to run.
  1. Click the report that you want to run.
  2. Click Switch to Report Preview Mode.
  3. Select your report options:
    The options will vary depending on the report that you selected. The option "Include Test Accounts" is available for all reports. Additional options may appear, depending on the report you selected.
  1. Select the date range on which to report.

    The date range options will vary depending on the report that you selected.

  • Select the Start Date and End Date for your report from the Select dates by reference dropdown based on pre-defined criteria such as the beginning of the current month or the end of the prior year. This is the default selection that displays when you select Run a Report.

You can also select dates by calendar to select your report date range using a calendar.

  1. Click Preview Report.

    The report displays:

  1. Select any of the following options:
  • Click Print Report to print the report.
  • Click View Full Window to see a larger version of the report.
  • Click Download to download the report as CSV file which you can then save as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Click View/Modify Post to change the settings for publication of the report.
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