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Configure Data Export


Data export is the process by which Aria creates a file containing all financial transactions that took place during a specified time period. Aria will export the financial transactions to your choice of CSV (Aria Transaction CSV) or Intuit/Quickbooks IIF file formats. You can download the exported data to your accounting systems that support CSV or Quickbooks IIF file formats.

Note: You may or may not have access to the data export depending on your user access level in Aria.


To enable data export, you must first:

  • Contact Aria Systems Customer Support to specify your data export options.
  • Specify your data export frequency in Aria. Please see Manage Your Data Export Settings for more information.

Configuring Data Export

Getting Here: Click Analytics and Reporting > Reports > Export Data

  1. Click Edit Configuration.
    configure data 4.png
  1. File Type: Choose the file format to which you want your financial transactions to be exported: Intuit/Quickbooks IIF or Aria Transaction CSV.
    configure data.jpg
  1. CVS File Options (Optional): If you selected the Aria Transaction CSV File Type, you can select additional options for including data in the CSV files.
    configure data 3.jpg
  1. From the Detail Level drop-down, select Transaction to include only the transaction record in the CSV files. Select Line Item to include the line items associated with each transaction record.
    configure data 2.jpg


For an invoice, if you selected Transaction, the CSV files would include only the invoice transaction record. If you selected Line Item, the CSV files would include all of the line items associated with the invoice.

  • Include Header Row: Select Yes to include the header row in the CSV files. Select No to exclude the header row from the CSV files.
  • Click Save Changes.

Your financial transaction data will be exported based on your configuration.

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