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Use Direct Post to Process Direct Debit Payments


This article provides the steps for using Direct Post to collect payments made using the Direct Debit payment method.

Note: You can accept Direct Debit only if your payment gateway supports that payment method.
For Direct Post use cases, error codes, and other important information, please see the Direct Post Payment Handler overview.


To use Direct Post to collect payments made using Direct Debit:

  1. Do either of the following:
  1. Set the Perform DD Collection field to True in your Direct Post configuration in the Aria application (under Configuration > Client Settings > USS Reg Configuration > new or existing configuration).


  1. Pass 1 into the <do_dd_collect> field in the set_reg_uss_config_params_m API.

  1. Pass DD into the <formOfPayment> field in your Form of Payment Page.
  2. Pass values into the additional fields required for Direct Debit payments as described in Form of Payment Page Inputs.
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