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Direct Post Error Code Descriptions


The table below provides descriptions of Direct Post error codes:

Error Code Description


The collect_from_account_m API failed during normal processing.


The session validation (validate_session_m) failed, or get_acct_details_all_m has failed. To remedy the situation, repeat the call to the set_session_m API before attempting the process again.

This is unlikely to happen in a normal flow. However, this can occur if a user gets to the last page of the checkout process, then takes a long break before finishing the process.


Direct Post is configured to promote pending invoices, but the manage_pending_invoice_m API call has failed.


The authorize_electronic_payment_m API call has failed (when <min_cc_auth_threshold> is set and the line item subtotal is less than the threshold).

servercouldnotupdatepaymethod The update_payment_method_m API failed with new payment methods.
serversessionexpired The user's session has expired.
servercouldnotgetinvoicedetails The get_invoice_details_m API call has failed.
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