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get_invoice_details_m Guide

Returns the line items of a specified invoice.

API Specification: get_invoice_details_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id>
  • <invoice_no>

Error Codes:

Error Code/Description Associated Inputs
<auth_key>, <client_no>
<acct_no>, <client_acct_id>
<locale_name>, <master_plan_instance_no>
<client_item_id>, <inventory_items>
<plan_instance_no>, <master_plan_instance_id>, <client_plan_instance_id>
<client_plan_instance_id>, <client_master_plan_instance_id>

Additional Guidance:

  • The previously existing input and/or output fields <client_item_id>, <client_item_id_out> and/or <filter_client_item_id> were removed from this API call in Release 47.
Input Fields 
Field Name Notes

<tax_details> (array)





Assuming that the client setting Aria Internal Tax Rounding Method is set to "Per invoice."
Output Fields 
Field Name Notes
Allowable values
Values Description
1 Recurring charge
2 Tax charge
3 Service credit
4 Coupon Credit
5 Activation Charge
6 Usage Charge
7 Recurring arrears charge
8 Order charge
9 Surcharge
Allowable values
Values Description
C Combined Invoice
F Anniversary Period Invoice
H Hybrid Invoice
O Order based Invoice
P Non-anniversary Subscription Invoice
R Rebill Invoice


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