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Note: The following terms commonly used in Aria Billing are now associated with new CCP terminology as shown in the following table. 

Aria Billing CCP
Master Plan Instances Subscriptions
Supplemental Plan Instances Add-Ons


Select the Subscriptions > Orders page from the side navigation menu. This page contains a list of the orders made on the current account. 


  1. Select the dropdown arrow next to the order you want to view. This will expand a list of line items for the invoice that includes the order.
  2. Select the order number in the Order No. column to open the Order Details pop-up.
  3. Select the invoice from the Invoice No. column. This directs you to the Accounts > Invoice page allowing you to view details about the invoice that the order was placed on.

Note: Creating new orders from the Create a New Order button is an upcoming feature that is scheduled to be added in a future release.

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