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Note: The following terms commonly used in Aria Billing are now associated with new CCP terminology as shown in the following table. 

Aria Billing CCP
Master Plan Instances Subscriptions
Supplemental Plan Instances Add-Ons


Expand Subscriptions > History from the side navigation menu. Here you can view all of the change details for the current account's subscriptions.


  1. Select the Filter by Subscription dropdown to filter through the Account's Subscriptions and narrow down table results. Use this filter to show changes for specific subscriptions. 

    Example: There are two 'Residential Internet' subscriptions for the current account and you only want to see changes that have been made to 'Res Internet (2)'. Select that specific subscription from the Filter by Subscription dropdown. Only the history for the 'Res Internet (2)' subscription will display in the table below.
  2. Select a change from the Action column to view the details for the change in that Subscription.
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