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Create a User


This section describes how to create a new user in Aria. After a user is created, roles can be assigned to grant that user access to different functionalities within Aria. A user cannot be deleted. If you want to remove a user's access, you can Lock a User.

Note: Be sure to assign roles carefully to maintain the security and integrity of your billing data.

Create a User

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Security > Users

Click New to create a new user.


  1. Enter the user's information. In the User Name field, type in the user name that the user will enter to log into Aria. A user name must be unique, and cannot be revised once the user is created.
  2. New user accounts are set to Pending Activation status by default. (See step 5 below to change user's Account Status to Active.)
  3. In the Roles area, click each role you want to grant this user access to in Aria. The selected role(s) will determine the section(s) of the application that this user has access to. To remove a role from the user, click it in the list of roles that you have added on the right. The role will move back to the unselected list of roles on the left.

    Note: If you assign multiple roles to a user, that user will have the same access rights in the system as the role with the most access rights.
    Example: Role 1 can view account information. Role 2 can view and edit account information. If you assign Role 1 and Role 2 to a user, then that user will be able to view and edit account information.

  4. Click Save.
    The new user's information now displays on the Users screen.

  5. Once an Account is created, it needs to be activated. Select the mail icon for the newly created user from the Actions column on the Users screen.
    This will prompt a Confirmation box to pop up asking if you want to send the activation email to the user's email and informing you that the user will have 24 hours to log in from the email link.


Note: When a new user logs into Aria for the first time, they will be prompted to change the password.

The user's Account Status will change to Active after the user logs in for the first time.

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