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View an Events Notification Log


Aria logs the results of each attempt to send event notifications to your system(s). You can search for these events using a combination of the following fields:

  • Account Number: The Aria-assigned account number.
  • Attempt Date/Time: The date and time of the notification attempt.
  • Status: Available statuses are:
    • Successful: Event succeeded.
    • Failed: A success message was not received from client.
    • Fatal: The event failure due to unknown error. Contact Aria Customer Support for resolution.
  • Sequence Number: One sequence number is displayed for each occurrence of an event for which you have subscribed to a notification.
  • Event Class: Event Classes are described in Event Notifications. These classes include Accounts and Master Plan Instances, Orders, Financial Transactions, Account Notifications and Usage Monitoring.

The search returns an Events Notification log including the above fields and the following fields:

  • Event ID - Event Name: The event ID is defined per the event class. Refer to the events for the applicable class in Event Driven Provisioning for a list of available event IDs.
  • Notification Type: The notification option for the event notification. Examples include Transaction Data via Secure HTTP (XML Document) and Notification Data via Email.
  • Destination: The destination for the event notification. For example, if the notification type is Notification Data via Email, this column includes a link to the email address to which the notification was sent.
  • Step: The step number of the notification. These steps are defined in the event notification configuration for each class. Refer to the events for the applicable class in Event Driven Provisioning.
  • Attempt: The number of attempts for the notification.

Viewing Event Notification Logs

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Audit Logs > Events

Events Search 6.50 .png

  1. Select the fields you want to search for within the events. The default search parameter is Attempt Date/Time, but you can delete any field by clicking the red X. Clicking Add displays a drop-down to select additional fields. You can include each field only once, but you can use any combination.
    Add Event Field for Search 6.50.png
  • Attempt Date/Time: Select a date range to specify a time period for which to search for event notifications.
  • Account: An open field displays to input an Aria-assigned account number.
  • Status: Displays a drop-down to select a status.
  • Sequence Number: An open field displays to input a sequence number.
  • Event Class: Displays a drop-down to select an event class. After a selection, an additional drop-down displays to select the Event ID - Name of that class.
  1. Click Search. The Event Notification Log displays. The Refine Search button displays a pop-up with the same field options described in the previous step.
    Event Log Display 6.50.png
  1. To see additional details for the notification, click the row.
    Sequence Number Detailed Ino 6.50.png
  1. To view the Outbound Message or the Server Response, click View Message.
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