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View Batch Process Audit Log


Aria batch processes (also known as batch jobs) run once a day to manage your accounts. Batch processes perform functions such as generating invoices, collecting payments, sending emails and statements to customers, completing dunning steps, and loading Universal Activity Loader (UAL) data into Aria.

Viewing Batch Processes

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Audit Logs > Batch Processes

  1. Select a date range to search the Batch Processing logs.

Note: A maximum of 7 days should be searched at one time.

batch processv2.png

Note: Click the Add button to add more search fields for a more refined search (e.g. status and process name).

  1. Click Search.

    The Batch Processing logs for the selected date(s) display.
    batch processes2v2.png

    A green check icon appears next to a batch process that ran successfully. A red "x" icon appears next to a batch process that failed.

  1. Click a Process Name to see details about the batch process in a new window.
    Status icon for Batch Processes 10.0.png

    Each Job Name displays with one of the following associated status icons:

batch_status_cd Status Icon Description
0 New giftcert_24x24..png In queue for processing.
1 Running


The batch process is currently running. 
2 Ok


The batch processes completed successfully.


The batch process was manually interrupted.


There was an error during the batch process and the batch process did not complete.
5 Partial successSE.png

The process completed, but one or more records were not successful.

For example, if an invoice generation batch of 20 accounts successfully generates 15 account invoices but 5 accounts fail, then the process batch session is marked as ‘Partial’.

6 Warning


The scheduled batch session did not run due to an ‘Error’ status on a dependent batch.

For example, an invoicer batch only runs when its dependent pre-invoice batch is successful. One such hierarchy is:

  1. pre-invoice 
  2. invoicer
  3. collector 
  4. statementizer
  5. mailer
7 Suspended No Icon

The scheduled batch session has been suspended manually.  

To suspend a batch session, Configuration > Billing > Batch Processes > Status and select Suspend from the drop-down. 

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