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Mulesoft Aria Product Catalog Connector

Mulesoft Aria Product Catalog Connector
The Aria Product Catalog Synchronization Template accelerates the deployment of external product catalogs (such as Salesforce Industries EPC) with Aria Billing Cloud.

It supports the replication of offers and promotions from the EPC into Aria. To create or update products and promotions, it comes ready to call using TM Forum Open APIs: TMF620 (Product Catalogue Management) and TMF671 (Promotion Management). In addition, it supports the synchronization of Salesforce Industries EPC promotions. 

This template accelerates deployment and reduces integration costs when introducing a new, advanced billing automation capability into subscription management and customer support ecosystems. You can customize it to support attribute/model extensions in any product catalog being linked. 

Aria Systems architecture

Hardware and software requirements

Mule Runtime:

  • The MuleSoft Runtime Environment version is 4.4.0.
  • Only MuleSoft Runtime is deployed on the nodes.
  • Anypoint Studio v7.14 is used for the development of Mule Applications.
  • HTTP is used for the connectivity between the mule Applications as they reside within the same instance.


  • There are 2 nodes in UAT/PROD environment.
  • There are 4 Environments – DEV, SIT, UAT, PROD.
  • The Mule Applications are deployed on both the nodes.

Aria systems server requirements:

Aria systems required mule instances (workers) to deploy war or zip files. It can be a single mule instance or multiple instances.

Skill Sets:

  • Should have experience In Any point Studio.
  • Should have experience In Runtime Manager.
  • Should have experience In Access Management.
  • Should have experience in Design Center.
  • Should have experience In Monitoring.
  • Should have experience In API Governance.
  • Should have experience In Any point Exchange.
  • Should have experience In Core Java.

Code promotion:

  • TMF-620 Product Catalog Management API : tmf-620-product-catalog-mgt-exp-api.jar
  • TMF-671 Promotion Management API  : tmf-671-promotion-mgt-exp-api.jar
  • Product Lifecycle Process API -> product-lifecycle-proc-api.jar
  • Aria System API -> aria-plm-sys-api.jar


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