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TMF671 Promotion

Aria gained conformance certification from TM Forum for this API in January 2022.

TMF671 Promotion API provides:

  • A standardized method to define promotional discounts based on defined criteria in Aria Billing Cloud

In Aria Billing Cloud Promotions are known as Coupons, and these enable the organization to offer promotional discounts, to a party who meets pre-defined criteria, to encourage additional usage or the purchase of additional services.

The full API specification for TMF671 can be found on the TM Forum site: TMF671 Promotion API User Guide v4.1.0 | TM Forum

The Table below shows the API mandated resource along with mandated operations for conformance.


Operation Mandatory/Optional Comments

Response Status Code 200 if successful

    Response Status Code 404 if not found
POST M Status Code 201 if resource created

Promotion Operations

  • Create a promotion
    • This operation creates a coupon and the associated discount rule or rules within Aria Billing Cloud.
  • Retrieve a promotion
    • This operation retrieves a list of coupons from Aria Billing Cloud.
  • Retrieve promotion by filters
    • This operation retrieves a coupon or coupons based on a variety of filter conditions from Aria Billing Cloud.
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