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Snowflake FAQs


1.    Where is the data stored?
Data is stored in Aria’s Snowflake environment. Aria is the provides the initial data and data updates to Snowflake.

2.    Is the data secure?
Aria only will share data from your client instance based on your Aria assigned client_no. Only the snowflake account you specify will be able to see this data. Additionally, you can leverage Snowflake roles and permissions to set up access control already in place for your Snowflake account and extend it to this shared data.

3.    Is the client responsible for storage costs?
Given that data is stored in Aria’s Snowflake environment, our clients are not responsible for storage cost.

4.    Is the client responsible for compute costs?
Yes. Any time a client queries the shared Snowflake data, they will incur compute cost charges by Snowflake.

5.    How do I access the data?
Once the data is shared by Aria, it will appear as a new share in your Snowflake instance. Your account admin will need to create a DB from this share. You can then query this data like any other data from your own database. However, please note that you will only have read-only access to this data. You will not be able to modify this data. Aria will keep this data up to date for you.

6.    How often is the data updated?
Data updates happen every hour. But this is entirely configurable. Aria, however, recommends that our clients set this frequency to each hour. If you want lower latency, there will be additional cost. 

7.    Is Data Feed service required to access the Aria Snowflake Data Share?
Yes. Aria Snowflake Data Share is an add-on to the Data Feed offering.


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