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Snowflake VC Object: Contacts

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CLIENT_NO NUMBER CLIENT_NO uniquely identifying each unique client
BATCH_ID NUMBER BATCH_ID uniquely identifying each batch run by numeric format YYYYMMDDHH24MI
CHG_ID NUMBER CHG_ID uniquely identifying each changed record sort to be processed in soonest first order of the format YYYYMMDDHH24MI and a sequence number
EVENT_TSTAMP TIMESTAMP_NTZ EVENT_TSTAMP of the JSON record showing when the change was generated
EVENT_ID TEXT EVENT_ID for the change JSON record
CREATETIME NUMBER CREATETIME createtime of the changed JSON record
ACTIONS TEXT ACTIONS for create, load, update, delete determining processing behavior for the record.
ACCOUNT_NO NUMBER The account number related to the customer referenced
CONTACT_NO NUMBER The unique identifier for a contact number.
FIRST_NAME TEXT The contacts first name.
MIDDLE_INITIAL TEXT The contacts middle initial.
LAST_NAME TEXT The contacts surname or last name.
COMPANY_NAME TEXT The company name where applicable
BIRTHDATE DATE The contacts date of birth.
EMAIL TEXT The contacts email address.
STREET TEXT The contacts street address.
CITY TEXT The contacts city.
STATE_PROV TEXT The contacts state or province.
LOCALITY TEXT The contacts locality.
POSTAL_CODE TEXT The contacts postal code.
COUNTRY_CD TEXT The contacts country code.
PHONE TEXT The contacts phone number.
PHONE_EXT TEXT The contacts phone extension where applicable.
CELL_PHONE TEXT The contacts cellular phone number.
WORK_PHONE TEXT The contacts work phone number.
WORK_PHONE_EXT TEXT The contacts work phone extension where applicable.
FAX TEXT The contacts fax phone number.
CREATED_TSTAMP TIMESTAMP_NTZ The original source system created timestamp for the referenced data.
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