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Change Stream Audit Log


The Change Stream audit log shows all the data events that originated in Aria and the corresponding objects affected by the event that were streamed through the change stream. Use the following parameters to search for items in the Change Stream audit log:

  • Event Date/Time: The date and time of the server sent event (SSE).
  • Tick: A tick is a number that identifies an event along with its timestamp. The tick is used to distinguish between two or more unique events that have the same timestamp.
  • Account Number: The Aria-assigned account number.
  • Status: Available statuses are:
    • processed: Event was successfully processed.
    • failed: Event did not get processed.

Note: The Change Stream Audit Log search capability is related to the Data Feed feature that must be purchased. For more information, see Data Streaming.

Viewing the Change Stream Audit Log

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Audit Logs > Change Stream

  1. Select an Event Date/Time range to search the Change Stream audit logs or use any combination of the Event Date/Time, Tick, Account Number or Status fields.
  2. Click Search.

    For an Events Date/Time search, a results screen displays for each date and time an event occurred in the system will appear with its tick, status, account number, related object and any associated messages. See graphic example below.

    The Change Stream audit log results are organized in a tabular format with the following information in columns:

  • Event Date/Time : Displays the event date in the format <year>-<month>-<day> <hour>:<min>:<sec> .
  • Tick: Displays 11-digit tick ID number of the event.
  • Status: Displays state of event, whether it "processed" or "failed". This indicates the number of items processed in that event which will correspond to the objects used in the call. For example, "processed (10)" are ten items items in total.
  • Account Number: The Aria-assigned 8-digit account number.
  • Objects: Displays a breakdown of the objects used in the event, that is, the aggregate of the of the total "processed" items indicated in the "Status" column.
  • Messages: Displays error code and error message information only when the status is failed. If status is "processed", the column will be empty.
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