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Pre-Installation Tasks

To successfully install Aria For Salesforce, you must configure a few components on both and your Aria instance. On, you must configure Quotes and User Profiles. On your Aria instance, you must configure a Promotion Code and whitelist the IP addresses.


To successfully install Aria For Salesforce, you must first configure a few components on both and your Aria instance. On, you must configure Quotes and User Profiles. On your Aria instance, you must configure a Promotion Code and whitelist the IP addresses. 

Enabling Quotes  

If you want to use Quotes to support your sales process within Aria for Salesforce, you must enable the Quotes feature in Salesforce. 

Note: Quotes may already be enabled in your instance. If they are, you will notice a Quotes tab in the top menu in the Sales component of


  1. Click the Setup icon, then click Setup from the dropdown.


  1.  Enter “Quotes” in the Quick Find box, then select Quote Settings from the dropdown.


  1. Click the Enable button.


You have enabled Quotes in your Salesforce application, and the Quotes tab appears on the Salesforce Sales Home main menu.

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Set Up Salesforce User Profiles for Use with Aria For Salesforce 

During installation, AFS requires that you associate two user profiles with two Aria For Salesforce user profiles included in the package: Aria Standard User, and Aria Admin User. The AFS user profiles have the following permissions:

  • Aria Standard User—This profile has access to view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, contracts, documents, opportunities, and quotes.
  • Aria Admin User—This profile has access to view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, contracts, documents, opportunities, quotes, account plans, account rate tiers, Aria API configuration, Aria supplemental field mappings, client plan relationships, services, and rate schedules.

To accommodate this requirement, Aria suggests you create two new user profiles in These provide you access to the two Aria for Salesforce user profiles after installation. 

Note: If you do not create the two user profiles or map existing profiles to the two Aria profiles during installation, you cannot access the Aria profiles after  installation.

To create user profiles for Aria For Salesforce:


  1. From the Setup main menu, click Users.


  1. Click Profiles.


  1. Click Clone on the Salesforce Standard User.


  1. Enter the new Profile Name. In this example, we are cloning the Standard User profile and naming it "Aria Standard User." Click the Save button.


Aria_Standard_User_Profile.jpegYou have created the Aria Standard User profile is with the same Page Layouts, Field Level Security, Custom App Settings, Connected App Access, Tab, Record Type, Administrative, General User, and Standard Object permissions and settings as the Salesforce Standard User. You can modify these as required to support your business processes.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 in this section to create the Aria Admin User profile by cloning the Salesforce System Administrator profile.

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Create a Promotion Code

You must create a Promotion Code in Aria that will be used by AFS to retrieve Aria Plans you want to offer your customers within your application. You can create a Promotion Code that includes all Plans in your Aria instance, or a subset of those Plans. Aria requires a Promotional Plan Set to associate a Promotion Code to.

Create a Promotional Plan Set

Getting Here: Marketing > Promotional Plan Sets


  1. Click the New button.


  1. Type in a Set Name for the new Promotional Plan Set.
  2. Type in a Client Defined Identifier to uniquely identify the new set.

Note: Aria automatically creates a new client-defined identifier that you can change if desired.

  1. Type in a Description.
  2. Click to select Plans to include in the new Promotional Plan Set. Plans selected will display in the box to the right. click Plans selected to deselect.

Note: You can filter Plans for selection by Plan Name, Plan Level, Currency, Billing Interval and/or Status.

  1. click the Save button to save the new Promotional Plan Set.

Create a Promotion Code

Getting Here: Marketing > Promotions


  1. Click the New button.


  1. Type in a Promo Code.

Note: You can also click the Generate button, causing Aria to generate a Promo Code.

  1. Type in a Description.
  2. Select None from the Expires After drop down.
  3. Select or type a Start Date for when this Promotion Code will be available.
  4. Click the radio button of the desired Promotional Plan Set to include in this Promotion Code.
  5. Click the Save button.


You will use this new Promotion Code to configure the Aria for Salesforce application to retrieve the Aria Plans you want to make available on

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Whitelisting the IP Addresses

Prior to installing the Aria for Salesforce application, you must whitelist the IP addresses from which Salesforce will be making API calls to Aria. The IP address ranges can be found at Salesforce IP Addresses and Domains to Allow.


  • If you do not whitelist these IP addresses in Aria, you will encounter authentication errors.
  • Salesforce does not offer static IP addresses or small ranges of IP addresses for individual instances. All IP ranges are provided in Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation. For more information on CIDR please see Classless Inter Domain Routing on Wikipedia.
  • recommends you allow the entire list of IP ranges for seamless access.

Getting Here: Configuration > Integrations > Web Service API


1. Click the New button. 


  1. Type in the Starting IP address.
  2. Type in the Ending IP address.
  3. Select "Yes" for each of the five Valid for select boxes.
  4. Enter a Description to explain the IP address range.
  5. Click the Save button.

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