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Subscription Management

Multiple recurring subscription types supported

  • Print subscriptions handling addresses and distribution of physical papers or products
  • Digital subscriptions handling digital access rights provisioning for external websites
  • Combination (digital and print) subscriptions handling both addresses and distribution of physical papers as well as digital access rights provisioning
  • Bundle subscriptions handling eligibility checks and availability of special bundle products, providing additional services and features under certain conditions

Product Sharing

  • Allows master customers to share a paid product digital product with a number of invited members
  • Allows invitees to accept or reject invitations from a master. If accepted, the member gets full access to the digital product paid for by the master


  • Allows customers to be offered one or more special campaigns for a given price covering a certain period of time
  • Campaigns automatically roll over to a recurring subscription when the campaign is completed


  • Allows the customer to automatically receive certain discounts when adding more active subscriptions (e.g., get 10% of your second and third active subscription)
  • Client can also apply other discounts at their discretion (e.g., as retention offer or incentive) 
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