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Pending Invoices


The Pending Invoices screen displays invoices that are set to "pending" status. For a given account, there can be multiple pending invoices, but only one per each billing group. Invoices are generated at the billing group level.

Aria can be configured to set every anniversary-based invoice into a "pending" status by default, allowing a final approval process. If configured, every invoice that is generated from the Invoices screen populates on the Pending Invoices screen for approval. You can configure this setting at the account level from the Invoice Posting tab on the Account Overview screen.

A pending invoice can be approved at any time by clicking the invoice number on the Pending Invoices screen.

Note: Pending invoices are not a real financial transaction on an account until the invoice is approved. Therefore, pending invoices do not affect an account's balance.

Approve a Pending Invoice

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Pending Invoices
Click Configuration > Billing > Pending Invoices

The following column headings can be sorted at this screen:

  • Acct No.
  • Company
  • User ID
  • Master Plan Instance ID
  • Client Defined Identifier
  • Invoice Number
  • Advance Period
  • Usage Period
  1. Click the Approve/View link.
  2. Click the Approve link to finalize the approval of the invoice.
    approve pending invoicev2.png
    Note: Clicking the Re-Calculate link discards the approval and re-generates the invoice.

    A confirmation screen displays indicating that this action cannot be reversed.
  1. Click Approve.
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