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Combine Invoices on One Bill


This feature allows you to combine multiple invoices on one bill. This is most typically used for "catch-up" billing, which is sometimes necessary when account creation interacts with Bill Lag Days or a retroactive start date in a way that would cause multiple invoices to be sent over a short period of time.

This setting applies to all invoices, unless the invoice is generated using an API that overrides this setting, or if the setting is overridden at the account level from the Aria UI. This setting is ignored if a plan instance has a pending plan rollover, contract rollover, or future plan change in the middle of a billing cycle, or if the invoice is being generated is a pending invoice.

Combining Invoices on One Bill

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings > Combine Invoices


Allowable values are as follows:

  • True - Combine multiple invoices on one bill.
  • False - Do not combine multiple invoices on one bill.
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