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Approve Pending Invoice Screen


A pending invoice is an invoice that has not been approved or has been discarded and will not be collected on until it is approved. From the Approve Pending Invoice Screen, the following actions can be completed.

Approve Pending Invoice Screen

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > View Pending Invoices > Approve/View
approve pending invoice screenv2.png

  1. Approve Click to approve the invoice.

    Aria will collect a payment from the customer for whom the invoice was generated.
    • If you set Auto Void Pending Invoice on Collection Failure to True, Aria voids the invoice if the collection failed.
    • If you set Auto Dunning on Pending Invoice Collection Failure to True, Aria places the corresponding customer into dunning if the collection failed.

      Note: Aria will collect a payment only if an invoice amount is greater than or equal to your minimum collection threshold.

  1. Recalculate Click to discard and re-generate the invoice. Any unapplied credits on the account will be included in the re-calculation process.

    A new invoice is generated with a new invoice number. You can then approve the new invoice. The new invoice will cover the same service period covered by the original invoice.
  1. View & Print Click to view and print the statement associated with the invoice.

    The statement displays in a new window.
  1. Download Line Item Spreadsheet Click to download the line items included in the invoice in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
  1. Download Usage Spreadsheet Click to download the records used to calculate all usage-based line items included in this invoice in CSV format.
  1. Back to Previous Page – Click to return to the list of pending invoices.
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