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Permanent Accounts


The Permanent account status is for accounts you do not plan to invoice, but still want to track in the system. 

A Permanent account status is a non-billable status typically used when setting up free accounts for employees or select customers. When an account is set to a Permanent status, it is fully provisioned but does not get invoiced. Aria tracks all plans, services, and usage on the account without billing the account owner. Permanent account also do not move into a different status for any reason unless adjusted manually.

This functionality works similarly to flagging an account as a "test account"; however—unlike test accounts—Aria does not automatically terminate permanent accounts.

Note: The number of days before a test account goes into a "Terminated" status is configurable through the Test Account "Days To Live" client parameter. The default is 5 days.

Setting Up a Permanent Account

Creating a New Account

To create an account with a "Permanent" status, you can create a new account via an account creation template in the Aria UI and set the account status to "Permanent." Refer to Create an Account for additional information.

Note: If there is no pre-set field in the account creation template to set the status, the status defaults to "Active." Once created, the account status can be changed.

You can also call the API create_acct_complete_m with a value of "99" for the <status_cd> field.

Changing an Existing Account

To change an existing account to a permanent account, you can change the status on an account to "Permanent" at any time via the Aria UI, or by calling the API update_acct_complete_m with a value of "99" for the <status_cd> field.

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