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Data Feed 57 Release

Data Feed - 57 Release Notes 

Data Feed

  • Record Entry in Audit Logs for Stream Object Subscription (EXTRACT-7930)

    Data Feed settings found at Configuration > Notifications > Stream Object Subscription allows you to subscribe to specific Objects which will include them in your stream. Additionally, in this enhancement, the Audit logs (found from Audit Logs > Administrative)  have been updated to capture and record any subscription changes made through this screen.

  • Recurring Credit LOM Change (EXTRACT-8999)

    Two new fields have been added to the 'recurring_credit' LOM. These changes are available from the Universal Connector and Snowflake services.

    Note: The <credit_interval_months> field is still available in the 'recurring credit' LOM to support backward compatibility. The <credit_interval_months> field is equivalent to the new <credit_interval_type_no> field with type_no 3.
    New Field Description

    Indicates the type of interval.

    Value Description
    1 Days
    2 Weeks
    3 Months
    <credit_interval_value> Stores the corresponding interval value.
        "credit_interval": {       
            "interval_type": {         
                "ids": {           
                    "type_no": 3         
                "type": "Credit_Interval_Type"       
            "value": 1     
  • Recurring Credit LOM Change (EXTRACT-9000)

    A new field, <credit_template>, has been added to the 'recurring_credit' LOM. The <credit_template> field denotes the credit template that is associated with the corresponding recurring credit entry. This new field is available from the Universal Connector and Snowflake services.

        "credit_template": {       
            "ids": {         
                "client_credit_template_id": "R51_DF_Delete_TemplateID_1713810490",         
                "credit_template_no": 248327       
            "type": "Credit_Template"     



No updates were made in R57 for Snowflake.

Universal Connector

No updates were made in R57 for the Universal Connector.

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