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Data Feed 54 Release

Data Feed - 54 Release Notes 


Data Feed

  • In order to assist in the differentiation of unique reason records, we have added additional columns (reason type numbers) to the Data Feed Objects as summarized in the table below.
    It should be noted that:

    • it is possible to have the same Reason Number for different Reason Types

    • include the <reason_no> along with the <reason_type_no> to establish differentiation

  • A new column has been added to the Data feed Object, pending_invoice_lines called <pre_discount_amount>, the value of this will reflect the original amount prior to a discount being applied. (EXTRACT-8560)

New Column Name Added to Data Feed Object
<credit_reason_type_no> credit_memo, pending_invoice_line, service_credit, transaction
<rebill_reason_type_no> invoice
<reason_type_no> recurring_credit
<write_off_reason_type_no> transaction
<secondary_write_off_reason_type_no> transaction
<refund_reason_type_no> transaction
<pre_discount_amount> pending_invoice_line


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