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AMPS 2.17.1 Release


Application Fixes

This version sees the following application fixes deployed:

InvoiceTaxSpecification in Financial Document is not correct (WFAMPS-3369)

This application fix resolves an issue were in invoice tax specification lines in document xml had incorrect values. This issue has been fixed by taking in consideration the taxable services that are applied to an invoice and handling them correctly.

Write-off automatically reopen MPIs in dunning (WFAMPS-3564)

Before doing the write-off in process, process will check if one or more MPI’s referenced by the invoice being written off is in status -1 (Suspended). If so, the status of the offending MPI’s will be changed from -1 (Suspended) to -3 (Terminated). Only MPIs belonging to the same billing group and dunning as the invoice was issued under should be checked. The only exception to this is if the MPI is the special MPI having a client_master_plan_id of “SPC-ACCOUNT-PLAN”. If the status of this MPI is -1 (Suspended), the status must be changed to “61 (Active Non-billable).

For configuration purpose a system constant has been introduced to use the existing write-off process or use the updated one as per enhancement for this ticket. The system constant details are as follow:

AMPSTerminateBeforeAutoWriteOff - This system constant has two valid values ‘NO’ (will execute the existing solution as per Aria standard functionality), if YES then it will execute solution as per this enhancement.

BMD-2502 Stripping "null" json-keys from events sent from AMPS to the Data Platform (WFAMPS-3669)

An enhancement has been made for Berlingske to remove all the null and specified elements from payload to be sent to data platform.

Payments do not align in ERP (WFAMPS-3684)

To fix this issue change has been made in the processing of new credit notes to set glPostingType to CREDIT-NOTE, earlier it was being set to INVOICE. The other change is made in the processing of new payments where a check is replaced to check the transaction date.

AcctManageBillingGroup - REMOVE directive does not remove dunning group (WFAMPS-3721)

To fix this issue, AcctManageBillingGroup API REMOVE action has been updated with further validation to get the related plan instance details and dunning group no and dunning group id to remove it from plan.

Search On Email Returning Anonymized User (WFAMPS-3783)

To fix this issue, a change has been made in GDPRDeleteAccountData process to remove account details from account mapping, future changes and account supplemental fields database table.

ERP reporting by Payment source (WFAMPS-3806)

There is an enhancement to Stampen ERP process to get GLAcctNo on the basis of Payment source to keep the payments align.

Incorrect Publishing Calendar - Polaris (WFAMPS-3807)

To fix this issue, titleRetrieveTitleCalendar API has been updated to return result in ascending order on the basis of titlePublDate.

Generation of ERP FAILED (WFAMPS-3808)

To fix this issue a change has been made in AMPSDetermineVATPercentage to check if the tax group no is found 0 in API response then return the amounts as it is instead of throwing an error as this is a possible scenario.

Financial Document file missing mandatory TaxSpecificationLine (WFAMPS-3814)

To overcome this issue, the xml schema for documents has been updated to make TaxSpecificationLine optional i.e; Countries for which no tax is being calculated in Aria, for them no tax lines will be returned.

Migration: Incorrect Invoice details used when processing immediately paid invoices (WFAMPS-3816)

To fix this issue, data mapping has been updated for invoiceStatusReason to get the information from correct invoice data.

Migration: Prevent Duplication of Events (WFAMPS-3824)

To fix this issue added a condition in MigratedAccount_TriggerAMPSEvents process to check if the MPINo is in the migration table (for the same runID).

TitleDetails not being returned in acctRetrieveBillingGroup API response (WFAMPS-3827)

To fix this issue a change has been made in acctRetrieveBillingGroup API to return title details for each title code associated with a billing group even if no title filtration is provided.

Revert change on ANNIVERSARY cancellation date (WFAMPS-3838)

To fix this issue if someone tries to cancel a subscription on ANNIVERSARY right after last paid invoice, the change method will be changed to IMMEDIATE.

Validation in AcctManageBillingGroup is incorrect (WFAMPS-3818)

To fix this issue, new attributes has been added to the AcctManageBillingGroupRequest to get the ariaPaymentMethodType from user instead of setting it to a default value of 13 (Tokenized credit card).

Updated specific date cancellation (WFAMPS-3687)

Purpose of this update is to streamline specific-date cancellation and to ensure that everything works as expected, especially when handling invoices, service credits and credit memos. The process is going to cancel any service credits created during cancellation and create credit memos against these service credits. The process uses most recent version of Aria to determine correct invoice number for applying credit memos.

JFM AMPS ERP VAT calculation wrong (WFAMPS-3760)

To fix this issue, a check has been introduced while calculating VAT amount if tax_group_no from API get_service_details_m is returned as NULL then instead of failing tax percentage will be returned as 0.

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