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Aria Billing UI Primer


For certain screens within the Aria UI, you can sort each column, filter certain columns, and show and hide columns.

Sorting and Filtering Columns

You can sort and search columns within certain lists within the Aria UI:

  • Sort by Column - By clicking the up/down arrows by each column name, you can sort the display by the values in that column.
  • Search a Column - You can use the search box below each column name to find values just within that column.
  • Filter Columns - Certain columns allow you to filter the displayed values. Click the up/down arrows in the box below the column name to see the values you can use to filter the list.
  • Show/Hide Columns: The Show/hide columns menu in the upper right corner allows you add and remove columns from the list by checking or unchecking the column name in the menu.
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