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Complete Tax Prerequisites


For tax to be assessed and charged for a particular account on a particular service, you must follow the below prerequisites.


For any third-party tax engine to work, you must open a ticket with Aria Customer Support ....png to enable the following batch jobs to run every day:

  • Standard tax post: post to external tax server
  • Standard tax requeue: requeue failed tax posts

You must also create a new tax service. Follow the steps below for instructions.

Getting Here: Click Products > Services > New

  • You must select Yes from the Taxable drop-down when creating or editing the service.
    New service settingv2.png
  • You must have one or more countries configured in your Aria environment.
  • The account address, billing address, or statement address on the account must be in a jurisdiction for which you have configured taxes.

Note: If a customer consumes a taxable service, but does not reside in a jurisdiction for which taxes have been configured, that customer will not be charged taxes, even if the service consumed has been marked as “taxable." If a customer resides in a jurisdiction for which taxes have been configured, and has consumed a service that is not marked as “taxable,” no taxes will be charged for that service.

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