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Revenue Recognition Profiles


The Profiles screen provides the ability to assign a revenue recognition profile to an account. A revenue recognition profile defines the rules for recognizing revenue at the account level for plan-based and order-based services. Plan-based services include:

  • activation
  • recurring
  • usage-based
  • cancellation
  • minimum fee

Note: Refer to the Create a Service article for more information on these service types.

Revenue and Invoices

When a revenue recognition profile is assigned to an account, revenue is temporarily split over the length of an invoice line's start and end date. Revenues, up to the triggering dates, are lumped into the month where the triggering dates fall. Revenues thereafter are spread out over the remaining length of time, if any.

If the original charge lines have already been recognized, then write-offs, voided write-offs, reversals, and voided reversals are recognized when they occur. Otherwise, they are recognized when their original charge lines are recognized, when the proper triggering date arrives.

Invoice Grouping

Invoice lines are grouped into the following three categories:

  • Plan-based
    Revenues from plan-based services are recognized when the invoice is produced or when the invoice is fully paid.
  • Order-based
    Revenues from order-based services are recognized on the invoice date, full payment date, order fulfill date, or full payment date and fulfill date.
  • General services
    General services are always recognized on the invoice date.

Note: There is a client-level parameter that dictates whether the Revenue Recognition profile is to be used. This parameter must be set by an Aria Customer Support representative.

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