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create_acct_complete_m API Details


The create_acct_complete_m API creates an account with contact information, billing information, master and supplemental plans, account groups, supplemental fields, and several other data elements. In addition, alternate billing dates may be specified for the new account.

If a credit card or electronic check (ACH) pay_method is passed in, credit card or bank information must also be passed in.

This API can perform the full invoicing process (invoice, collect, email) on the new account. The invoice can be full or prorated (proration only applicable if alternate billing dates are passed in).

API Error Codes

The create_acct_complete_m API returns two main error codes:

  • <error_code> represents the success or failure of account creation
  • <invoicing_error_code> represents the success or failure of the invoicing process after the account has been created. Note that if the invoicing process fails, the account is still created.


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