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How Snowflake Works

How it works 

Aria will be the data provider, hosting your Aria data in Aria's Snowflake environment. Using Snowflake’s Secure Data Share, data will be shared with your Snowflake account. Once shared, data will appear as a new database in your environment. As a data consumer, you will then have read-only access to this data. You will be able to query this data and join with your own data without having to copy or move it.

As the data provider, Aria will incur storage cost associated with your data. When you query the shared data for your business purposes, you will incur the compute cost.

Snowflake is a data sharing cloud database that is stored separately from Aria's data. Snowflake has its own data cloud of information stored in Oracle. Data comes into Snowflake from Oracle. These data tables and groupings of tables are LOMs (Logical Object Models), meaning they are not just a single table, they are dynamic and can have multiple entries for one field within the table including the initial data, updated data, and merged data. 

This data structure has a lot of functionality for revenue analysis and marketing. Snowflake allows for custom reporting as well as comparison between the Aria data and Snowflake data to determine things like what types of customers are being retained, which customers are short term, and what may be costing you money. Analyzing this overlapping data can also aid in determining what demographic would be best for you to market to. 


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