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Payment Management

  • Handle agreements for automatic collection or presentation
    • Collection via Direct Debit (Avtalegiro/Autogiro, Betalingsservice, Bankgirot, etc)
    • Presentation via electronic means (eFaktura, EHF, etc)
  • Handle incoming payments from financial institutions such as
    • Bank transfers
    • Avtalegiro/Autogiro payment confirmations
    • Credit cards
  • Handle Collection via AMPS Payment Gateways
    • Support for Mobilepay and SPID
    • Funds are requested when invoice is issued
    • Funds are received immediately or by callback from the gateway
    • Funds are confirmed on receipt of confirmation files
  • Matching payments received with invoices and accounts
    • Matching is performed on Customer Invoice Reference (KID/OCR Number). The number is provided in the document XML or defined as a previously created agreement
    • If payment cannot be matched it will be rejected and placed in the unmatched payment component.
    • If payment received is under the invoiced amount, but within a threshold, the missing payment can be written off
    • If payment received is over the invoice amount, the excess payment can be placed on the account for future invoices, or immediately refunded to the customer
  • Handling refunds
    • Registration of refunds based on previously received payments
    • Refunds over a configurable amount will require approval from another client staff member
    • Refunds are executed via the original payment method or via integration with financial institutions
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