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Statements and Invoices Overview


The Statements & Invoices module allows you to view individual transaction details, as well as manage statements, invoices, orders, and open charges for an account.

An invoice is a record of all the charges for a given billing period in the system. Invoices can be created immediately, on an account's anniversary date, as well as in "pending" status, to be approved at a later time.

A statement is a collection of transactions and can be generated automatically or on-demand. Statements are automatically generated after nightly invoicing is completed and immediately sent to customers who are set-up to receive the statement by mail.

When an account's anniversary date arrives, Aria generates a statement for the two types of transactions: invoices and open transactions (electronic payments, external payments, dunning charges, balance transfers, etc.). Statements can only be generated if an invoice exists.

Statements and Invoices Screen

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices

There are seven tabs that make up the Statements & Invoices module, as shown below.


  1. Transactions View a summary of all transactions for an account, as well as the account balance (i.e. Closing Balance, Starting Balance...etc.). You can also dive deeper to see individual transaction details.
  1. Statements Generate statements and preview the account's next statement.
  1. Invoices View a summary of all invoices, dive deeper to see individual invoice details, and generate a new invoice (either immediate or pending).
  1. Pending Invoices View and approve a pending invoice.
  1. Orders View a summary of all orders for an account, dive deeper to see individual order details, and create a new order.
  1. Open Charges – View a summary of all open charges on the account (i.e. anything unpaid, such as a voided payment)
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