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Template Number and Behavioral Options Override


This screen displays all templates available for the account. For each email template class, you can specify an alternative template number used for the notification, the behavior of Aria when the notification is triggered, or both specific to the selected account.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Account Overview > Notification Method > Template & Behavioral Option Override

The following screen shows a list of templates available to the account.

  1. Click the Add link next to the template class you want to modify for the selected account.
  2. If you have created a custom template for the selected class, you will be able to select it from the Choose a new template no: drop-down menu. All templates have at least one "generic" template.
  3. You can select from one of three behavior overrides that will take precedence over any Aria-instance-level settings you have selected.
    • Distill and Send Message: This is the default behavior of the system, if no overrides have been selected at the Aria-instance level.
    • Distill Message But Do Not Send: This behavior creates a message in the Aria database but does not send it to the specified contact.
    • Produce No Message: This selection will prevent Aria from creating a notification.
  4. Once you have selected new values for the two fields, click the Proceed to Confirm button. Aria displays a confirmation screen with the new template number and behavior override.
  5. Click the Save Changes button. Now, the list of account-level email template overrides shows the modified template class at the top of the list, with a Modify (rather than an Add) link.

    You can update these overrides at any time by navigating back to this screen and clicking the Modify link next to the Template Class.
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