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Export a Configuration


You can export the configuration details of a specific Aria instance for use in building a new instance.

Exporting Configuration Data

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Utilities > Export.

  1. Select your export options:
  • Check the Select All checkbox to select all of the options.
  • Check the Product Catalog and Related Objects checkbox to export all objects related to the product catalog, including plans, services, usage types, non-subscription offerings, and other product related objects.
  • Check the Client Configuration checkbox to export all client configuration parameters, including currencies, payment methods, email templates, and other client configured objects.
  • Check the Reports checkbox to export all report definitions, including both standard and custom reports.
  1. Send me an email notification when the Export is complete is selected by default. Uncheck it to prevent sending email notifications.
  2. In the Export file name field for this export process, enter a name for the file in which the configuration data will be stored.
  3. Click Export. The Export Status window displays.

Note: The export process for large configuration files may require a few minutes before the Export Status "Queued" message displays.

  1. Click Refresh to refresh the screen. When the export process is complete, the Status column displays the Succeeded message.

Note: If you select Send me an email notification when the Export is complete, you will receive a confirmation email message.

Canceling a Configuration Export

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Utilities > Export.

  1. Click Cancel in the Action column of the Export Status list.
  2. The confirmation message displays.
  1. Click Cancel Process to cancel the export. Click Close to dismiss the confirmation message and continue with the export.
  2. If the export process has already started, it cannot be canceled.
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