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Copy Configuration Use Cases


The section presents common use cases for the Copy Configuration functionality.

Moving a Stage Future Environment to Production

When an Aria instance is initially set up, the configuration takes place on a set of server resources referred to as “Stage Future.” Here, prototyping and testing are performed, and the design of a functional Aria environment is made ready to “go live” on a Production server that will be used in the day-to-day operation of your business.

With Copy Configuration, most of the configuration details of a proven Stage Future instance can be transferred directly to the new Production instance with few additional steps required.

Before moving a Stage Future environment to Production, you should purge any objects, (such as Plans, Services, etc.), that were created for testing purposes only. It is important to note that Aria objects and entities that have associations with accounts can only be deactivated, and cannot be deleted.

Moving Production Data to Stage Future

For a new Aria installation, one of the drawbacks of the Stage Future / Production paradigm is that designers and developers can never be sure that they have adequately prepared for all of the possible business requirements and use cases that may arise in the operation of a complex financial system.

One solution to this difficulty is to deploy an initial Aria Production instance, gradually gather information about its effectiveness in the “real world,” then create a new Stage Future environment based on “Lessons Learned.”

Consistent use of Copy Configuration enables the Aria Implementation team to create new instances and environments in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Note: You may find that the number of environments that you are allowed to create and deploy is limited by your contractual agreements with Aria. After testing a new Stage Future instance and bringing it online, you may need to deactivate an existing instance. If you have questions about the number of Aria instances you can create, contact your Aria Customer Success team.

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