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Copy Configuration Best Practices


Aria’s Copy Configuration utility allows you to import many of the components of a proven and reliable Aria environment into a new environment. It eliminates many of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of creating a new Aria installation.

Why Some Aria Objects Are Not Copied

Some Aria objects are not copied because certain configuration details or dependencies cannot be known at the time the copy is produced. For example, some parameters, such as server URLs, must point to new destinations that may be dynamic, or based on information gathered from client partners or other third-party entities, such as payment processors. Other elements may be site specific in some regard, such as collections of user names, or contain sensitive information such as user passwords.

The following components are not exported:

  • Users
  • Payment processor configuration
  • Event notification step configuration
  • Web Service APIs configuration
  • Activity Loader configuration
  • Data Export configuration
  • External Services configuration
  • Taxation configuration
  • Virtual Time
  • Virtual Inventory
  • Storefront configurations
  • Report Audiences
  • Report Schedules
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