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Aria Knowledge Central

Knowledge Central Quick-Start Guide

We built Knowledge Central as a highly evolved version of Developer Central. We designed the information architecture to improve the findability of content, the logic of content organization, and the capacity to deliver more persona-based content. This upgrade provides usability enhancements as part of the Knowledge Services mission to deliver timely content so clients can utilize Aria’s products effectively to optimize business results.

Home Page


Aria6 (Legacy) Clients View (Login Required)


We will grant all Aria6 clients a username and password. Ask your Aria Customer Success Manager for more information, or open a support ticket.

New Functionality 

Better Search


Filter search results in the left viewing pane, which provides additional granularity by enabling you to drill down through your search results.

Article-Level Features


  1. Search from every page.
  2. Expand the folder icon to quickly navigate through entire site
  3. Navigate different levels of information hierarchy relative to current page
  4. Star pages to receive alerts when they are updated
  5. Create PDFs with embedded QR codes that bring you to the URL of the page when scanned


  1. Provide feedback to help improve content
  2. Navigate across related topics in the information hierarchy
  3. View related articles

Responsive Design


Access Knowledge Central on your computer or your devices. The platform is built to present content on any screen in a clear, readable way.

Enhanced API Documentation

Better API Guides


Guides now include API descriptions.

API Specifications Served via SwaggerHub


Core and Object Query API specifications now reside on SwaggerHub, derived from Swagger files upon each Aria release.


  • What are some considerations for this change other than the functionality shown above?
    All references to “Developer Central” in current collateral should be updated to “Knowledge Central.” Also, any bookmarks you have to Developer Central pages will need to be updated to the correct address.
  • What about the URL change?
    The URL will be updated to redirect to by close of business EDT on Friday, July 28, 2023. This redirect will remain in place for 6 months, but will be retired after that.
  • What if I see an issue with Knowledge Central or any of its content?
    You can send feedback via the “Leave Feedback” button at the bottom of each screen in Knowledge Central.
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