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Avalara Field Mappings


Listed below is transaction-based information from Aria and the Avalara fields that each piece of information maps to.

Note: Aria fields in the table below that are marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

Aria Field Description Avalara Field Description
Invoice Date* Date of invoice, sales order, purchase order, etc. DocDate The date on the invoice, purchase order, etc. Format YYYY-MM-DD.
Account Number* Client application customer reference code CustomerCode The case-sensitive client application customer reference code. This is required since it is the key to the Exemption Certificate Management Service in the Admin Console.
(Tax Group Configuration parameter)
Client application company reference code CompanyCode The case-sensitive code that identifies the company in the AvaTax account in which the document should be posted. This code is declared during the company setup in the AvaTax Admin Console. If no value is passed, the document will be assigned to the default company. If a value is passed that does not match any company on on the account, an error is returned.
(Tax Config Values parameter)
Unique identifier for particular business Business
The buyer’s VAT ID. Using this value will force VAT rules to be considered for the transaction. This may be set on the document or the line. This must be a valid VAT number, and this field should not be used for any other purpose.
Aria Systems AvaTax Processer In this case, it is the Aria Client calling AvaTax Client An identifier of the Aria client calling AvaTax.
Invoice Number or Refund Number Client application identifier describing this tax transaction (i.e. invoice number, sales order number, etc.) DocCode This field is optional, but if no value is sent, AvaTax assigns a GUID value to keep the document unique, which may affect reconciliation.
N/A Represents the destination or origin shipping address of a line item. Address Input property of GetTaxRequest representing addresses needed for tax calculations.
Address Seq* Reference code uniquely identifying this address instance AddressCode Reference code uniquely identifying this address instance.
Address 1* Address line 1 Line1 Address line 1 is required if Latitude and Longitude are not provided.
City* City name City City name is required unless PostalCode is specified and/or Latitude and Longitude are provided.
State* State, province, or region name Region State, province, or region name. This field is required unless City is specified and/or Latitude and Longitude are provided.
ZIP* Postal or zip code Postal Code Postal or ZIP code is required unless City and Region are specified, and/or Latitude and Longitude are provided.
Country Country code Country Country code. If not provided, will default to “US."
N/A Represents an invoiced item requiring tax calculation. Lines Document line array. There is a limit of 15000 lines per document.
Invoice Line Number* Line Item Identifier LineNo Line item identifier. Line ID uniquely identifies the line item row.
Address Seq* Destination (ship-to) address code. Destination code references an address from the addresses collection DestinationCode Destination (ship-to) address code. DestinationCode references an address from the Addresses collection.
Item Address Code or
Config Address Code (Available in Tax Group Configuration) or
Address Seq*
Origination (ship-from) address code. Destination code references an address from the addresses collection OriginCode Origination (ship-from) address code. OriginCode references an address from the Addresses collection.
(Tax Group Configuration parameter)
Typically a SKU or other product ID, and usually represents individual products or services ItemCode Your item identifier, SKU, or UPC. Completing this field is strongly recommended.
(Tax Group Configuration parameter)
Used to allocate a particular product to a particular taxability category TaxCode Product taxability code of the line item. Can be an AvaTax system tax code, or a custom-defined tax code.
Line Item Description Item description Description Item description. Required for customers using the Avalara filing service.
Units* Item quantity Qty Item quantity. The tax engine does not use this as a multiplier with price to get the Amount.
Gross Price or Net Price
(Depending on option chosen in Tax Config Values for the parameter "Calculate Tax After Credits Applied")*
Total amount of item (extended amount, Qty*unit price) Amount Total amount of item (extended amount, qty * unit price)
SalesInvoice or
ReturnInvoice (if refund)*
The document type being sent DocType The document type specifies the category of the document and affects how the document is treated after a tax calculation. If no DocType is specified in the request, SalesOrder will be used.
DocVoided* Cancel transaction code CancelCode The reason for cancelling the tax record.
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