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Proration on Credit Options


Originally, Aria's proration system on credit and charges used a rounded debit amount model in the proration calculation during processing. By default, this rounded debit amount calculation is still the set behavior used in calculating prorated service credits and charges. However, because of this default rounding behavior, in some cases, undesired 1-cent differences in the prorated amount were created after mid-period changes. So, you are given the option to either use rounded or unrounded amounts in this proration processing.

The client parameter, Proration on Credit Options, can be used to prevent 1-cent increases in prorated amounts after mid-period plan changes using selected Aria APIs including, for example, update_acct_plan_multi_m. The options for this client parameter govern whether or not the unrounded or rounded amount is used during prorated charge/credit calculations. By default, this option is set to use the rounded amount for backward compatibility.

Proration on Credit Options Client Level Setting

Getting Here: > Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings

Rounding options on prorated credits or charges on a service can toggled to "rounded" or "unrounded" in the UI with the Proration on credit options setting.

To set in the UI, go to Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings > Proration on credit options. Select the rounding option in the Value dropdown on the Proration on credit options page and click Save.

Note: It is recommended that once you have decided what proration processing rounding option is right for your system model, that you stay with the option. If you switch these options back and forth, this will likely make your accounting and billing difficult to reconcile later.

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