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Master Plan Instance Status Codes


The below table lists master plan instance status codes and their corresponding descriptions:

Status Code Message Description
-3 Terminated Plan is deprovisioned because the contract expired, the trial period ended, or due to immediate termination.
-2 Canceled Plan is canceled at the customer's request.
-1 Suspended Plan is temporarily suspended.
0 Inactive Plans and services are provisioned but are temporarily non-billable at the customer's request.
1 Active Plan is fully provisioned.
2 Pending Cancelation Plan is queued to be canceled at the customer's request.
3 Pending Termination Plan is queued to be terminated.
31 Pending Installation Master Plan Instance has not yet been provisioned due to a pending installation.
32 Pending Activation Plan has not yet been activated.
41 Trial Plan is provisioned but not billable.
61 Active Non-Billable Plan is fully provisioned but is not billable and cannot be rolled over to new plan.
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