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Account Updater Introduction


Account Updater automatically updates your account holders' card information. Card information changes for many reasons, including card expirations, lost or stolen cards, upgrades, or issuing banks converting card brands.

Aria supports Account Updater services offered by Chase Paymentech and Vantiv (Litle).

Account Updater is available in North America for Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Using Account Updater provides the following advantages:

  • Prevents interruption of customer service due to non-payment;
  • Reduces customer cancelation by maintaining the payment relationship;
  • Minimizes costs associated with collections and with updating accounts manually;
  • Keeps the update process transparent to customers.

Account Updater works even when the data is securely encrypted, ensuring the protection of sensitive account data and reducing the frequency of declined transactions.

Account Updater Prerequisites

To use Account Updater with Aria, you must:

  1. Use a payment gateway that offers the Account Updater service.
  2. Register for and configure the Account Updater service offered by the payment gateway.  Please contact your payment gateway representative for assistance.
  3. Configure Aria to use the Account Updater information from that specific gateway. Please contact your Aria Customer Support representative to set up Account Updater in Aria.


Aria provides reports for Chase Paymentech and Vantiv (Litle) detailing which accounts/cards were updated. You can run or schedule the Account Updater reports by navigating to:

  • Analytics and Reporting > Reports > Run Reports > Standard > Chase Acct Updater; or
  • Analytics and Reporting > Reports > Run Reports > Standard > Vantiv AU.

Note: The Account Updater reports are available only if you have Chase Paymentech Account Updater or Vantiv (Litle) Account Updater enabled.

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