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Event Notification Prerequisites


This article describes the prerequisites for subscribing to event notifications. Once you complete the following prerequisites, you can enable and then subscribe to event notifications.

Accept the Aria IP Address Range

Ensure that your firewall will accept the Aria IP address range. Please contact Aria Customer Support to obtain the Aria IP address range.

Configure your Provisioning Settings

Select your chosen provisioning settings that determine how and when event notifications are sent to your system(s). Detailed instructions for configuring your provisioning settings are provided in Provisioning Settings.

Set Up XSD Schema Files

If you have event notifications sent to you as XML documents, you may choose to work with XML document definition files that describe the structure of the data in the event notifications that Aria sends to your system(s). One XML document definition is available for each event group. These files are available in XSD format. You can validate the data in the XML documents against the applicable XSD file. You can use the XML document definition files in either of these two ways:

  • Point your system(s) to the URL at which your chosen XML document definition file is located, or
  • Download your chosen XML document definition file.

Links to XSD files are provided in the Event Class Categorization table.

Enable XML Statements

If you want Aria to generate statements for your customers as XML documents, you must enable XML statements in Aria. To do so, Click Configuration > Notifications > Notification Settings > XML Statement Distillation Option (you may have to go to the next page of notification settings to see this option) > select your desired Value to specify how you want Aria to generate XML statements:

  • XML Statements WITHOUT Usage Detail
  • XML Statements WITH Usage Detail

Note: If you select Aria XML Statements WITH Usage Detail, that may result in very large XML documents.

Aria generates XML statements for customers with only the following notification methods:

Notification Method ID



HTML Email


Text Email


Text Email w/link to HTML


Printable & Text Email


Printable & HTML Email w/Surcharge


PDF (Printing required, no Email)


PDF (delivered by Email)


PDF (Printing req & Email)w/surcharge


PDF (Printing req, no Email)w/surcharge


XML Master File


PDF Master File

You can use the update_acct_notify_method_m, create_acct_complete_m, or update_acct_complete_m API call to set a customer’s notification method. In order to work with XML statements generated by Aria, you must also do the following:

  • Subscribe to the Account Message Type "XML Statement" Requires Sending (event ID 442) event in the Account Notifications event group. This event notification informs you that an XML statement for a customer has been generated and provides an xml_statement_no.
  • After you receive event notifications about generated XML statements, you can retrieve those statements using the API  get_aria_xml_statement. Each of these event notifications contains an xml_statement_no that you can pass to the get_aria_xml_statement API call. After retrieving the statements, you may choose to format them based on your business needs for presentation to your customers or transfer them to your financial systems.
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