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delete_acct_data_m Guide

This API will delete (anonymize) an individual account's data to be in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The changes made by this API are irreversible so it is highly recommended that Aria's clients record the individual user's consent / confirmation prior to calling this API. Any open charges, credits, unbilled usage, etc. should be addressed with the end user prior to invoking this API.

API Specification:


Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id> or <userid>

Additional Guidance

  • The changes made by this API are irreversible so, before calling this API, it is highly recommended that you:
    • Record the customer's consent/confirmation; and
    • Address any open charges, credits, unbilled usage, etc. with the customer.
  • If you anonymize a parent account, the child account is not anonymized and vice versa.

Error Codes

Error Code/Description Associated Inputs

1001: unexpected error


1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

<auth_key>, <client_id>, <client_no>

1009: account does not exist, Account not found: AriaNo (acct_no), Account not found: Userid (userid), or Account not found: ClientId (client_acct_id)

Associated Inputs: acct_no, account_no, client_acct_id, user_id, userid, parent_acct_no

<acct_no>, <account_no>, <client_acct_id>, <user_id>, <userid>, <parent_acct_no>

1016: invalid input, acct_no: (acct_no) is not a valid long, assignment_directive: (assignment_directive) is not a valid long, “billing_group_no: (billing_group_no) is not a valid long, threshold_billing_rule_no: (threshold_billing_rule_no) is not a valid long

Associated Inputs: alt_service_no_to_apply, assignment_directive, auto_skip_to_next_bill_date, client_billing_group_id, custom_rate_service_no/custom_rate_client_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_service_no, eligible_plan_no, eligible_service_no, email, force_master_bill_date_reset, fulfillment_only, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, invoice_no, length_months, end_date, limit, limit_records, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, offset, percent_amount, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id, percent_eval_service_no, client_percent_eval_service_id, phone_ext, work_phone_ext, plan_unit_inst_status_cd, plan_units, reason_code, start_date, end_date, start_date, end_date, status_cd, acct_no, assignment_directive, billing_group_no, threshold_billing_rule_no

Additional Comments:  This error can be caused by the wrong type of input, for example, text in a numbers-only field, an  or specifying a value other than one of the documented allowable values.

  • For the get_order_m API, this is the error code returned when the user passes an invalid order value for the <status_filter_cd> input which is other than the allowed values (0/null, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • For the bulk_cancel_order_m API, invalid input can occur with the <order_status_directive> argument. Allowed values are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4/null, 5 and 6.
  • For the get_acct_coupon_details_m API, invalid input can occur with the <include_all_active> input parameter (values are 0, 1 or NULL).

Alternate Message Output

1016: username cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: first_name cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: last_name cannot be longer than 30 characters

Associated APIs: create_user_m, update_user_m

Associated Inputs: username, first_name, last_name

<alt_service_no_to_apply>, <assignment_directive>, <auto_skip_to_next_bill_date>, <client_billing_group_id>, <custom_rate_service_no/custom_rate_client_service_id>, <plan_instance_no>, <plan_instance_service_no>, <client_plan_instance_id>, <client_plan_instance_service_id>, <plan_instance_no>, <plan_instance_service_no>, <client_plan_instance_id>, <client_plan_instance_service_id>, <plan_instance_service_no>, <eligible_plan_no>, <eligible_service_no>, <email>, <force_master_bill_date_reset>, <fulfillment_only>, <include_master_plans>, <include_supp_plans>, <include_billing_groups>, <include_payment_methods>, <include_master_plans>, <include_supp_plans>, <include_billing_groups>, <include_payment_methods>, <invoice_no>, <length_months>, <end_date>, <limit>, <limit_records>, <modify_directive>, <contract_plan_instances_update>, <modify_directive>, <contract_plan_instances_update>, <offset>, <percent_amount>, <percent_eval_plan_instance_no>, <client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id>, <percent_eval_service_no>, <client_percent_eval_service_id>, <phone_ext>, <work_phone_ext>, <plan_unit_inst_status_cd>, <plan_units>, <reason_code>, <start_date>, <end_date>, <start_date>, <end_date>, <status_cd>, <acct_no>, <assignment_directive>, <billing_group_no>, <threshold_billing_rule_no>

1107: Account already anonymized.



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