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Release 34


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Safari 11 on MacOS

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features

Support for Ingenico Account Updater (DEV-10008)

The Aria Ingenico integration is now enhanced by the addition of the Account Updater, which automatically updates your account holders’ card information (Tokenized cards only). This feature supports Visa® and Mastercard® card types issued in the U.S. and Canada.

When an account holder's card information is updated (associated with the particular token), Ingenico provides the "push" notification via the Webhooks tool, which sends real-time data from one application to another based on system events as part of a larger integration. You must configure an endpoint that will act as a "listener" to receive these notifications. Please refer to the Ingenico payment gateway page linked below for more information.

Aria now supports the Webhook Key and Webhook Secret configuration fields from Ingenico that are used to validate the incoming Webhooks notifications.  These fields accept alphanumerics and special characters. Set these two field values on the Ingenico configuration center for your merchant account. After doing so, configure those values in your Ingenico payment gateway configuration. Once Webhooks is enabled, you can subscribe to the token.updated and token.deleted events supported by the Account Updater.


The Webhook Key and Webhook Secret values are honored in the Ingenico Payment Gateway configuration only and not the Collection Group configuration at this time.

  • The values for the existing Secret API Key field and the new Webhook Secret field are hashed for security reasons in accordance with DEV-10155.

Learn more about the Ingenico payment gateway from here.

New Objects For Data Streaming Web Service (DEV-10019, DEV-10028, DEV-10101, DEV-10115)

Aria’s latest iteration of the Data Streaming Web Service includes non-subscription offering (order item) objects and coupon objects. See the Data Streaming Logical Object Model for details.

Allow Full-Proration Downgrades for Single-Line-Upgraded Items (DEV-10079)

This feature enhances Aria's proration functionality by enabling full proration for plans upgraded via the Single Line Upgrade feature, which you can enable in your Aria instance by requesting that your Aria representative enable the parameter <single_line_upgrade>.

With <single_line_upgrade> enabled, Aria will now calculate Single-Line Downgrades with LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) processing for plan quantity decreases. 


Plan replacements will continue to use the standard proration logic, even for clients using Single Line Upgrade. 

  • Any decreases to plan quantity after plan replacement will also follow the new Single Line Downgrade LIFO processing logic.

Credit Note Template Enhancement (DEV-10083)

The Credit Note template has been enhanced to support the existing replacement string ‘insertPlainMaskedFormPymt’. The Statement and invoice templates could already use the ‘insertPlainMaskedFormPymt’ replacement string, and with this enhancement it is now available in the Credit Note template as well. 

Performance Improvements for Contract-Related Pre-Invoice Housekeeping Jobs (DEV-10085)

This feature significantly improves the performance for some contract-expiration-related pre-invoice housekeeping jobs, especially for Aria clients with thousands of plan instances and contracts.

Apple Pay Method Supported by Adyen (DEV-10086)

Adyen now supports Apple payment methods for recurring payments, including the ApplePay payment method (38) and the new Tokenized ApplePay payment method (47). When an ApplePay indirect payment takes place outside of Aria, the payment is recorded using the record_alternative_payment_m API. Once the external payment is recorded, Aria performs a capture request and receives the respective notification.

More information on the Adyen payment gateway can be accessed from here.

Allow Contract to End When Plan Instance Is Not Billed (DEV-10114)

The parameter Allow contract to end even when PI on contract is not billed through the contract end date has been added (Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings). This allows Aria to end contracts with the following actions when a plan instance on a contract is not billed: Terminate Service and Billing, Terminate Service and Billing and Prorate Final Invoice, and Rollover to a Plan and/or a Rate Schedule. This is enabled when value is set to True (default is False).

Learn more about managing Invoice settings from here.

Refresh Token Enhancement for OAuth 2.0 Authentication Type (DEV-10117)

When configuring an event notification (Configuration > Notification > Events) to send a data payload using a secure token via the Simplified Account Data via Secure HTTP (Name Value Pairs and XML Document) methods and the OAuth 2.0 Authentication Type, a token is used to transmit the payload to the Destination URL. This enhancement now ensures that, if the cached token expires, the token is automatically refreshed upon unsuccessful payload submission and the new token will be used to successfully transmit a payload.

Learn more about Event Notifications from here.

Aria Refund Transactions Now Accepted by Ingenico (DEV-10130)

Refund transactions generated from Aria now appear on the Ingenico payment portal (the Aria refund payment ID appears in the Ingenico Merchant Reference ID field). Previously, only original payments were supported and not payment refunds. Refunds can be generated for any payment method accepted by Ingenico (e.g., credit card, tokenized credit card, Giropay, etc.).

Learn more about refunds from here.

Merchant Account ID for Multiple Currency Support Added for Braintree (DEV-10147)

The Merchant Account ID field has been added as part of the Braintree integration for Payment Gateways and Collection Groups within Aria. This allows Braintree clients with international accounts and multiple currencies to be billed using FreshBooks® accounting software. This also allows Braintree to transfer tokens associated with the Merchant ID field.

The Merchant Account ID field is used to identify the currency type of the merchant as part of the Payment Gateway/Collection Group. If no Merchant Account ID is entered, the transaction will process with the default currency configured for the merchant (existing Braintree integration behavior). For example, if USD is the default currency configured for the merchant but GBP is configured at the Merchant Account ID field, Braintree will process the payment with the GBP currency.

More information about Aria's Braintree payment integration is here.

Data Streaming: New Usage Event Behavior for Voided and Discarded Pending Invoices (DEV-10153)

This feature introduces the behavior of excluding from your Data Stream individual usage records discarded when their associated pending invoice is discarded. Aria has updated the Invoice Logical Object Model with a new property, ‘usage_record_status’, that will indicate whether the aforementioned usage records were discarded or unbilled.

Masking Webhook Secret and Secret API Key fields for Ingenico (DEV-10155) 

The Webhook Secret field has been added as part of the Ingenico Account Updater enhancement for Payment Gateways and Collection Groups within Aria. This field along with the existing Secret API Key field will be masked to enhance data security.

These fields appear in the description for DEV-10008.

More information about the Ingenico payment gateway can be accessed from here.

Two New Usage Provisioning Events For Discarded Pending Invoices (DEV-10163)

This feature introduces two new Usage Provisioning Events related to discarding pending invoices:

  • Event 4211: raised when the usage on the discarded pending invoice is unbilled
  • Event 4212: raised when the usage on the discarded pending invoice is discarded

Application Fixes 

  • Recurring services are now billed as expected on the anniversary invoices, even when there are queued custom rates available for other services on the anniversary invoice. (TICKET-18003)
  • Electronic payments are now re-applied to an invoice during credit memo application of the invoice. This will ensure the payment is applied to other open items on the invoice. (TICKET-18147)

  • If a Master Plan Instance (MPI) balance is paid in full via a credit memo application applied to an invoice with an associated electronic payment, that MPI moves out of a Dunning status, and out of the Dunning process. Enhanced logic auto-applies such un-applied payments to any open charges. Previously, such an MPI would remain in a Dunning status. (TICKET-18182)
  • Aria has improved contract behavior with the following changes: (TICKET-18190) Previously, invalid service numbers for contract rollovers caused the invoice batch job to return a "failed to calculate taxes" error.
    • Added validation to the API calls create_instance_contract_m and modify_instance_contract_m to ensure valid service numbers are passed when specifying custom rates for a rollover plan
    • Added logic to fail invoice generation if there is an invalid service number for a custom rollover rate.
  • A General, Price Change, Invoice-Based or Cancelation type credit memo can now be created successfully against 1000 or more master plan and/or supplemental plan instances within an account (Accounts > Search > [Account Number] > Payments & Credits > Credit Memos > New). (TICKET-18215)
  • Statement contact information is now populating as expected in Email Templates when statement replacement strings are used. (TICKET-18264)
  • Local time zone is now correctly displayed inside the details of the batch log files (Configuration >  Audit Logs Batch Processes > [Details of a batch log]). (TICKET-18280)
  • The Aria invoicer batch job now completes successfully for an account when usage service charges exist related to a plan instance from which that usage service was removed in the middle of a billing period. Previously, the invoicer would fail with a "Could not create invoice due to a processing error" message. (TICKET-18285)
  • Decimal values are now supported while updating custom rates in European format. (TICKET-18290)
  • The services types that you specified when you created services and the billing intervals that you specified when you created plans are now reflected in: (TICKET-18309)
    • The Usage Based and Recurring Arrears service types service types that appear on the Add New Plan screen for an account; and
    • The Recurring and Usage billing intervals that appear on the Master Plan Instance (MPI) and Supplemental Plan Instance (SPI) DetailQueued MPI and SPI Detail, and Execute Queued PI Detail screens.
  • The pending invoices discard message has been updated to avoid confusion when you discard pending invoices with usage. The new message will list the number of pending invoices being discarded, and discarded usage records are excluded from invoicing and usage reports. (TICKET-18348)

API Features

Ingenico 3DS Support for American Express Card Type (DEV-9835)

The Ingenico 3D Secure integration now supports transactions using the American Express® (Amex) card in addition to the Visa® and Mastercard® card types.

The existing Amex credit card type is now supported in Ingenico's 3DS configuration for the following APIs:

Enter the following inputs to enable this feature:


Input Description
<cc_prefix> First six digits of Amex card (starting with 3)


Input Description
<cc_number> Amex card number (starting with 3 - 15-character numeric value)
<attempt_3d_secure> True


Input Description
<cc_number> Amex card number (starting with 3 - 15-character numeric value)

To learn more about the Ingenico payment gateway, click here.

Enhanced Capacity For Sovos Tax Calculation of Multiple Non-Subscription Offerings In create_acct_complete_m (DEV-10098)

This feature enhances Aria’s Sovos Tax Engine integration so calls to the create_acct_complete_m API with 10 or more Non-Subscription Offerings (NSOs, or order items) can return the complete set of applicable tax data. Aria has increased the number of characters supported in returns from the Sovos tax processor so tax calculation can be displayed on customers' check-out screens. 

Previously, passing more than 9 arrays to the <master_plan_nso_list> field resulted in a “failed to calculate taxes” error.

Additional Filtering Options Available for Retrieving Contracts (DEV-10110)

Aria has enhanced the get_all_acct_contracts_m API with additional filtering options as described below:

  1. When you call the get_all_acct_contracts_m API:
    1. You can now pass in the new <contract_limit> input to restrict the returns to a maximum of 999 contracts.
    2. If you pass an invalid number into the <contract_limit> field, this error is now returned: “5067 limit must be between 1 and 999".
  2. When you call the get_all_acct_contracts_m API:
    1. You can now pass in the new <contract_offset> input to specify the number of contracts to skip.
    2. If you pass an invalid number into the <contract_offset> field, this error is returned: “5068 offset must be greater than or equal to zero".
  3. If you pass a non-numeric value into either of the above fields, this error is now returned: “1016 invalid input".
  4. These 2 new outputs are now returned by the get_all_acct_contracts_m API:
    1. <total_contract_count>: The number of contracts assigned to the customer.
    2. <filtered_contract_count>: The number of contracts whose status matches the <filter_status_code> that you passed in.

API Fixes 

  • The "invalid plan instance number" error message is no longer returned when you call the edit_acct_plan_queued_changes_m API and pass in a <client_acct_id>. (TICKET-16582)
  • The field <currency_cd> has been deprecated and removed from get_acct_coupon_details_m API because this field does not apply to coupons. (TICKET-17935)
  • Aria has improved contract behaviour with the following changes: (TICKET-18190)
    • Added validation to the API calls create_instance_contract_m and modify_instance_contract_m to ensure valid service numbers are passed when specifying custom rates for a rollover plan
    • Added logic to fail invoice generation if there is an invalid service number for a custom rollover rate.
    Previously, invalid service numbers for contract rollovers caused the invoice batch job to return a "failed to calculate taxes" error.
  • When update_acct_plan_multi_m is run to create deferred charges for multiple plan instances with varying anniversary dates, the deferred charges are now correctly invoiced on the anniversary dates for all plan instances. Also, when deferred charges are created for a supplemental plan instance/master plan instance and the billing group for the master plan instance is changed, the deferred charges are invoiced on the next anniversary against the new billing group. (TICKET-18238)
  • Aria has improved the API call get_acct_surcharges_m by updating the underlying query. Previously, the call would return a "null" response. (TICKET-18253)
  • The update_acct_plan_status_m API has been updated so unexpected errors no longer occur if <client_acct_id> is provided during the requested update instead of <acct_no>. (TICKET-18291)
  • An unexpected error no longer occurs when you: (TICKET-18298):
    • Call the update_acct_plan_multi_m API and pass true into the <invoice_unbilled_usage> field; and
    • You try to replace a master plan (MP1) and supplemental plan (SP1) assignment with a new master plan (MP2) and supplemental plan (SP2) assignment; and
    • MP1 and MP2 both have SP1 and SP2 configured as supplemental plans; and
    • All four plans mentioned above have one usage service, one recurring service, and one recurring arrears service.
  • The API update_acct_plan_multi_m now completes as expected when replacing, updating, assigning and canceling actions in the same call for plans with recurring arrears services. (TICKET-18313)
  • Aria has improved the API call update_acct_plan_multi_m so, when specifying custom rates and <do_write>=false (for preview purposes), plans are not committed to the specified account. Previously, plans with custom rates were created in an Inactive status. (TICKET-18337)
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