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Data Feed Example Command Line Arguments

import argparse

class DemoCliArgs(object):
    Comm  These inputs are required to set up an SSE client stream:
        * URL of an SSE service
        * URL of an OAuth2 service (for authentication)
        * Aria client ID (for authentication)
        * Aria client secret (for authentication)

    def __init__(self):
        # Define the command line argument parser for this example code
        parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
        parser.add_argument('-e', '--sse',      help='URL of a Server-Sent Events source')
        parser.add_argument('-o', '--oauth',    help='URL of an OAuth2 token service')
        parser.add_argument('-c', '--clientid', help='Aria client ID')
        parser.add_argument('-s', '--secret',   help='Secret for the Aria client')

        # Get argument values from the command line
        args = parser.parse_args()
        self.sse_service_url = args.sse
        self.oauth2_url      = args.oauth
        self.client_id       = args.clientid
        self.client_secret   = args.secret

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